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Meet Rob McKenna

Rob McKenna calls himself "pro-environment", but his record makes it clear - he's a friend to polluters, the timber industry, and oil and gas companies.

As Washington's Attorney General, he was even sued for refusing to do his job and defend Washington's public lands - and lost. He refused to thoroughly investigate price gouging by oil companies.

And now, as a candidate for Governor, his campaign is funded by thousands of dollars from oil and gas companies that want weaker environmental protections, from a company fined for dumping cancer-causing pollutants in our lakes and streams, and from timber companies fined hundreds of millions by the EPA.

Rob McKenna is clearly not who he says he is.

Learn more about Rob's record of failing to protect our air, land, and water.

Truth Squad Washington is brought to you by the Washington Conservation Voters Action Fund, the political voice for the environment.
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